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February UPDATE 2022

Documents         Cancel Culture Hits PBC!

What is cancel culture? In a nutshell, when Conservatives are found to be so, Liberals do whatever is in there power to destroy them. It is not Christian it is Political.


If someone would talk to you about Ebola or the Spanish flu would you assume they hated Africans and Spanish people? Of course not. What if they mentioned the China virus? That’s what happened to me. I make a practice to call it the china virus because it was created and distributed by the CCP. Not the Chinese people but by their Communist Government.The same Government that enslaves people and tears down Churches but there was a Church that was supporting us, that accused me of hating Chinese people. My wife and two daughters are part Chinese so I don’t see that would even be possible.
Then they said unless I would give them a formal apology, they would stop my $110 per month donation to the ministry. Do not believe for a minute this was Christian. If it was Christian they would have asked me what I meant by that but they did not. With all the love they had to give they tried to pressure me to cave to the left. They also accused me of not telling them that I got a car. I will speak about that below. They said that they might have given me a down payment even though I already had a car. BTW, we posted it the day we got it. So they were accusing me of collecting under false pretenses and being a racist. Then they wanted to know why I had a FB account under the name Charlie Brown. I assume they are on the left side of FB to ask that question but most people who know us, know we are Conservative so if we posted about masks not working or Ivermectin being good, FB would drop me which they did. So I took Charlie Brown to be able to contact my friends. We have plenty of FB sites and Websites for our Ministry and all are posted on my emails. The Church used to be Conservative but has been noticeably liberal over the last couple of years. Of course I believe God supplies our needs and would never agree to leftist demands.Watch your Churches. If you take on a Pastor with a nice smile he may be able to slowly swing you left. By the way, My President, Donald Trump also referred to it as the Chinese Virus. Satan wants to destroy but our God is more powerful.

Friends & Family Day
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On February 6th we had our yearly Friends and Family day. Unfortunately we could not invite outsiders because of the pandemic. We did have a great time of Worship, Food and fun. We also spen’t time reminiscing about years gone by. Our musicians played and our Choir sang. A great time was had by all.


I had the pleasure to Baptize one of our newest young ladies.
Mylene Dula is a sweet girl who loves Jesus!
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Two of our young ladies , Laura & Shenir were treated to Kenny Rogers as they had report cards with scores 95-100
One young man, and our newest preacher, received JolliBee as he got 85 and above.
Others are waiting on their grades.

We are still providing moduler classes and two meals per day for our students.
We Finally got our car!
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On Feb 11, after 15 years of waiting,  we finally bought our car. With donations from some generous people and a interest free loan we have a 2016 Toyota Avanza.
There have been no donations after that date. All donations for the car, went to the car. BTW, we owe P500,00 ($10,000 U.S.) if anyone wants to help.

Much thanks to all our friends who have helped this ministry. We assure you that we are God fearing American Patriots and we will stay that way. God bless you all and God bless America!


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