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February 2018 Update

After eleven years of serving here in Payatas, I am more committed than ever to do the will and work of God in this place.

I have received many compliments on the work here and I do like to hear them (being human) but as I give it thought, I am not capable of building a local Church and do you know what? I’m glad. Only God builds a good Church.

From the beginning I have been told that I needed to pray because we needed a bigger place. That sounded like a duh moment. After all, we did pray for a bigger place all the time. However, we also added, “Lord, only if it’s in your will.”

Jesus said, He would build the Church and after examining every single thing we have done, it has only been in response to His leading. All the ideas and actions and results came from Him and we are just thrilled, that He has allowed us to work for Him. BTW, this little Church does more than many a lot bigger.

We want a compound that costs about $5 million dollars that would have everything. So, if you see that one day we are building it, know that it was God who did it. The only way we could build is by donations and as the Church contributes about $40-$60 a week, that will never happen.

We do however have an extraordinary ministry here.

We reach a few hundred people with the Gospel every week. God told us to preach the word and we do. We have 60+ door knockers each week, 2×2 ministry where we go to peoples homes and set up Bible studies. We invite their neighbors and bring a gift of a little rice or something when we go. The studies last about 10 weeks then they have opportunity to come to our Church, or another or to forsake all. Their choice. Please pray for two new groups that were started. One at Elvie’s house and the other at Mariane’s house.

We also have a visitation program to follow up with those whom we shared the

We  have over 1/2 of a hundred kids and we supplement their education by teaching them in advance of their school studies. Many of our members are involved in the teaching ministry. We have had to get birth certificates for children up to 13 who have never been to school. We also retrieved school records by traveling to other provinces so the new schools would allow entrance. We raise money for school supplies and our ladies make these kids uniforms. We feed them every day, a hot nutritious meal so they can face the daily challenge.
Our work is paying off as these children meet our standards for grades. (Above 85)and are doing great. We are raising 2 CPA’s, a business major, an English teacher and many more.

We also encourage these kids to be involved in music because it is a discipline that encourages advancement. Most of these kids play something and many play multiple instruments. We have violins,guitars,harmonicas, recorders, ukuleles, and about 7 learning the organ. They take turns performing at our services.
When we have the budget, we need to buy two more ukuleles for new lerners.

We are called as Jesus did, to touch everyone in their area of need. Health is one of them. Our Lito is in the hospital now getting his 3 month check up on his leg. We are here for everyone. BTW, my health is also improving thanks to Malou’s making sure I eat right.

Of course, every year we have V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School) April-23-28 where we have 100 kids spend a week at church learning the word of God using various outreach methods. Fun and games gives them interest in knowing the Saviour. Many of our current kids have come here through a VBS visit.

We also like to have a lot of fun. Would you like a meal without taste or a sleep without soft bedding? Of course not and so we like our Church to be smiling, happy and loving our Lord and Saviour.
Some of our youth, using the money they made caroling, went on a swim trip. Here is their video:

Finally, We covert your prayers for this ministry. Every day God does more and more. Pray that God lets us meet all the challenges he gives to us.



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