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February 2017 Update



We never went on Vacation

As much as we wanted to go, we waited until the last minute hoping the price of the flight would come down. The price actually went up and eventually the flight was booked.

If you recall, my youngest daughter and I were going to fly while my eldest daughter and wife would take the bus with my Associate Pastor and his family.

The reason for this is Linda can not take long bus rides without getting sick and I can not sit that long anymore.

We have re-scheduled the vacation to April 25 to May 5th.

Instead of taking the bus we will rent a vehicle and drive there (Linda and I will still fly)

Think about this. The shortage was about $300 for fare. It wasn’t because we had no money for a cruise or a amusement park like Disney, it was for lack of fare. The house is free use, the food we have to buy either way. The only cost is fare.

Hence the reason for this plea.

As missionaries we try not to complain about our conditions or finances because most people expect us to be martyrs. This is not true for any other Church personel except perhaps for Evangelists. However Paul had complained on multiple occassions. One such occassion that comes to mind is when he rebuked the Corinthian Church for not coming up with the funds they had promised. We get that also from other people saying they are sending something but it never comes.

By the way, that is sin and just as we are allowed to tell you to stop getting drunk or avoiding the coming together of the Saints, we are also allowed to speak about you being double minded.

This letter is just to bring up the need we have. Some of you wanted to send $100 per month but being that you can only send $50 you think it better to send nothing. Or $20 , or $5.
The truth is everyone could send something.

I think it is probably sad for a Missionary not to be able to afford a vacation for ten years while so many others get to fly and drive all over the world, see family and relax.

This is not about vacations but about a missionary who gives all his own money to the ministry and so many times not be able to shop or fill up the gas tank or get something they need.

All I am asking is, if you know what this ministry is doing, If you love the work, please consider signing up for a monthly gift.

If you are not sure of what we do, here is a video:Click here to watch

If you want to join with us CLICK HERE

For all those who so generously give of themselves to this ministry, as always, we thank you and pray for you.

God Bless!


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