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February 2015



February! A time of anticipation. The month of love. She loves me, she
loves me not. The time when we have gotten tired of winter (in those
cold places) and anticipate the new sprouts of the Daffodils and the
tulips and signs of Spring. And even that it is still cold and blustery
you can imagine the warm winds of sweet spring, overtaking you.

It’s a peaceful life for so many.

Not so peaceful for the children of Payatas. In Payatas the
weather is always hot except when it is typhoon season and if your
family is not swept away by flooding, chances are all your earthly goods

Getting back to anticipation. There is much you probably
anticipate but if you look at the photo of  John Mark, his anticipation
is getting a hot, nutritious meal at the Church. Not much to think about

I heard there were some in our Church that wasn’t eating on a
regular basis and it flipped me out. I immediately felt God saying to
start a feeding program for our own children at PBC.

The wonderful members stepped up and agreed to cook, clean, and
have devotions, seven days a week. Now these kids anticipate eating as
part of the things to which they look forward.

It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, the money we use to buy them food cuts into our
own supply so we would like to appeal to you. Not you who give all the
time (although we will not dissuade you) you who read these newsletters
each month and have said I would like to do something but I don’t have
much money. Go to this link:

You can send a check, direct deposit or use your bank card and give whatever you can.

$5 feeds 10 kids one meal. You CAN make a difference if you want to.

Would you like to see what God is doing?
Click here:




In my opinion – The Church should be the end all and be all in the lives of Christians and the outreach to the unsaved.

If God is truly our God, is
He not our God 24 & 7? Look at our little Church. First, we reach
out to the unsaved with various outreaches. We have 50-60 people going
out on every single Saturday morning spreading the Gospel throughout
Payatas. How many Churches can say that? Unfortunately, those who are
blessed (for the most part) regard outreach in which they physically go
and speak to others, as unnecessary. I guess when you are poor you have
more to appreciate and for which to be thankful.     

On top of that we have teams of two people each who will visit
someone, bring them a bit of rice or pancit and encourage them to invite
their friends to a 10-12 week Bible study. After that time period, if 
they have not come to the Church, they will move on to the next group.

Then, we have the women’s and men’s visitation team. They will
visit visitors, family of children who attend the Church and the sick.

We have found jobs for people and helped them to get on their feet and they have stayed with the Church.

We feed the poor. We teach academics to supplement the children’s
schooling. They bring me their report cards to show me how much they
have improved. We have about 40 musicians. We have a group of twelve
violinists who all learned at the Church and will bring tears to your
eyes with their beautiful Godly sound.

Our children play music spontaneously before the service. One
would think the service had started an hour early. They always praise
God with their singing and instruments.

Everyone in our Church has a
job. Everyone gets a shirt, Everyone is a part of the ministry. If you
have people just sitting in your pew doing nothing, you might try
getting them involved. People who are not involved lose their passion
for the Church as they feel estranged.

I could go on and on. Let’s
turn all our Churches into places where people do not come because they
feel obligated but because they love to be, like David, in the house of
the Lord. Ask anyone in our Church and they will tell you that Sunday is
their favorite day of the week and the next two are Saturday and
Wednesday evening.

paste 5

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WE have gone from this:


To This:


We are so thankful for those of you who have sacrificed to help these children to have a better life.
This is not a “hand out ministry”

It is well planned to change the lives of the people of Payatas, 
first , in their faith, then their education and finally their

will turn them into self reproducing Christians who will in turn
support their own people who will in turn learn Christ and also be
educated and employed in a good field.

May God richly Bless you as you have blessed these people.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laaura & Linda


Tel: (632) 430-8177


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