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February 2009

This past month might be summed up by telling you how God has convinced us once again, that He is the supplier of all our needs.

The God who said I will never leave you or forsake you meant that. It wasn’t just a story and as we depend on that fact and believe in our heart, our needs were met.

Just before Christmas I told God I needed shirts. I did not tell anyone else. The Church chipped in and bought me three shirts. Four individuals each gave me a shirt for a total of seven shirts! Then I said to God that I needed clothes. I got an email telling me I won a $1000 gift certificate for Banana Republic. I didn’t believe it but after contacting the Company, they confirmed it. I remember updating my “Linked In”; site and was auto entered in their contest. God answers our needs! He knew if He gave me the cash, I would have spent it on the ministry.

We received a couple more boxes of food, toys, and clothes from one of our dear supporters. It went a long way putting many smiles on many faces.

We also received a shipment of Bibles. Please pray for those at Beam’s Bibles for the work that they do.

Recently I made an appeal for needed cash for my operation. The need was more than met as God intervened in a mighty way. I had my operation this past Thursday and am happily writing this update today.

I had asked God as James tells us to do when we want answers, why I had to have an operation. I told Him answer me when you will, I will believe I’ll hear from you soon. Well, I was in the hospital room when Joseph, a very nice male nurse came in and I led him to Christ in my room. After he left I felt the Lord tell me, “That’s why you are here.” I thought, gee Lord, you could have used the porter to do it and saved me an operation. This scripture came to me: 2Ti 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us: I now learned that we must suffer with Him. If He could suffer as He did, than a little operation that brings a lost one to salvation is a great privilege

During my short stay Malou spent time witnessing to the patient’s spouses.

I recovered immediately with no sickness as the others and was ready to go home. It is so nice to be in a Christian hospital. Two doctors worked on me. Dr Garcia, the chief of staff there at Word of Hope hospital and Dr Thill, an American doctor from Chicago. I was so happy to hear Dr Garcia ask Dr Thill to lead in prayer as the entire team gathered around me and prayed. I was in complete peace the entire time. (Except for the needles-Yuck)

Meanwhile back at the Church we have been praying for the grant requests we have been sending out with hopes of building a new, four story multi-functional building. It will be used for feeding programs, medical mission, a much needed larger Church, after school tutoring as well as college and career training, perhaps a small school. We are so excited as we look to 2009 as being a very productive year.

We started a livelihood program where some of our people are making what is know as “Bayongs”. These are essentially shopping bags made out of recyclable materials. They eliminate the need for the use of plastic bags. China has already made it a law that they can not use plastic bags any longer. We are hoping to start exporting to China and the United States. If you have a Church and would like to receive a box to sell for us, it would mean a lot as the proceeds help those who make them, to take care of themselves financially. We will have the photos up soon so you can see what they look like.

My papers to allow me to solemnize marriages are ready and awaiting the signature of a manager at the National Statistics Office. We are hoping tomorrow it will be finished.

Finally, please pray for our VBS. The last two years we have been supplied materials and training but due to budgets we may not receive it this year. It is not definite and we are hoping to get the materials but if not, we will prepare our own. Also, the last two years we have sent 25 children to camp through the generosity of a supporter. Please pray that this year we can send 50 children. They are tomorrow’s Christian leaders.

We learned that the God who promised not to forsake us will also provide our needs. Do not fear the economic situation. Just trust God. He will not leave you.

May God bless you as you fearlessly serve Him,

Pastor Jack & Malou Wilson .

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