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February 2008

The months are flying by.

February 1st, 2008 I am trying to get used to writing 2008. Gee, I just got used to writing 2007. Well, it goes fast when you are keeping busy.

February as all the other months has been no exception.

We keep receiving new Bibles thanks to the generosity of Cross Ministries and Beam�s Bibles. It is such a blessing as our people have no way to afford such a luxury. We also are receiving tracts as we give thousands out each month.

We have increased our visitation and it is such a blessing to see the responses we get from people who did not believe we would visit them. There is a problem here as well in all Countries of people who say one thing yet do another. We must be on our guard to make sure what comes out of our mouths is the truth.

The area where our Church is located on Litex road. The opposite side of the road is a 8� high wall with some dirt area in front and then the actual street. It is a filthy area that the government had imbedded tires on end and put some planters to try to make it look better but people manage to litter and make the area unattractive. So, some of the members of the Church took on the project of beautifying the area directly across from the Church. This just started and already they have made a difference. I applied to the government for a waiting shed (a protective awning so people can wait for transportation out of the rain) and it looks like we will get it. We will post before and after photos when it all happens. The idea behind it, is when people see we care for the community, they will want to know us better and perhaps, act better themselves.

We thought we were going to have to pay $175 for Laura�s school curriculum but we were surprised to find out it will be free! Praise Him. Also, little Linda (age 2) is now praying before meals sometimes even without prompting and she says please and thank you.

Please continue to pray for our vision (see link below) and I hope you were able to drop by our new website and also to see the over 1000 photos of the work here. (links also below)

We were going to open up a second medical clinic in San Mateo but the Holy Spirit closed that door. We are now looking to open one right near the Church. Please pray that we will be able to find a good location.

Hundreds have professed the Lord through the clinics, The Men and woman fellowships and our outreach programs. Please pray for our goal of reaching all 212,000 residents of Payatas.

Pray for our second VBS coming up in April and our Baptisms coming in March.

Thanks to those who sent money toward my permanent Visa. We are still in need of about 21,000 pesos (about $500) to finish it.

I know most missionaries would like to subtly tell you they need help but I am not like that. Here is today�s bank statement: $.034 (yes, 34 cents)

So if you are looking for ways to help go to the �donate� link below and get your credit/debit card and�

Also, we have just put up our video on You Tube. Please visit and take a look. It is a rough cut and will be replaced with something more professional and even the words will be spelled right but you will see what is going on here.

God bless you all as you are a blessing. I�ll write you again next month.

By His Grace,

Pastor Jack Wilson

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