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February 2007

To all our friends and supporters,

It will be six months this coming 21st that we will have been in the Payatas. When we look back and think about our beginnings it is so hard to believe where we are already.

In six months God has given us over 150 souls saved, a church building to hold services, beautiful murals painted by one of our own members in the children’s room, a beautiful pulpit, desk and other construction donated by another friend. We have a full church at most services and overflowing at many. Our people love door knocking as we usually have 15-20 people join us each and every Saturday. The children show up 1-2 hours early to the point if I am studying in my office I have to keep away from the windows because if they see me, they won’t leave me alone until I go and see them!

We had 18 people show up for a concentrated eight hour (4 hours for two Saturdays), teacher training course. They were so enthused afterwards that they were asking me when they could “take over” a class.

We have a wonderful Church family and each one is dedicated for the salvation of the Payatas. We hung our banner up which shows the vision of the Payatas compound, a $5 million U.S. project that only God will provide. Pray with us for the vision to become reality.

My wife is thriving here as the bond she has with the ladies of the Church is very strong in the Lord, my daughter Laura turned 5 this February and will continue to be home schooled by my wife using the A.C.E. program. They only charge us a $50 registration fee because we are missionaries. Never-the-less, $50 to us here may as well be $300.

Linda is now eating the food Malou prepares for her and with the group of vitamins she is gaining weight and seems not to be lacking on her dairy-less diet! She turned 1 year old in January.

We still have many needs and those of you who have been receiving this newsletter but have not yet come aboard with us, please consider your part in our ministry. We just had a major catastrophe. My hard drive on the laptop crashed and it is about $165 to replace. I prepare my sermons, do my research, prepare the bulletins, song sheets, attendance, and well, let’s say it’s all on computer now. Unfortunately, there are no funds to replace it. We still don’t have a camera either and I need $1000 for a motorbike so I can do visiting. My members live in alleys and roads that public transportation mostly doesn’t go. So if you can, send us some straw, these bricks are getting hard to make! 🙂

For all of those who have been so faithful, thank you. You keep us doing the things God is having us do. I pray a special blessing on you all that you will be blessed beyond expectation as you bless others.

By His Grace,
Jack Wilson

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