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December 2020 Update

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            HAPPY NEW  YEAR!
I wonder what life would be like without a New Year? Would it seem like we are on a perpetual cycle that never ends? New Year is a great invention. Other than people who make resolutions they will fail to keep , it is a good time to reflect on the previous year. Have I been the person God has called me to be? Have I met my goals? Have I made a difference in the lives of others?

It is also a time to look ahead, make goals, fulfill obligations.I pray that our ministry here can do far more than we have done already. What is  your hope? Here is a good New Year verse. Psa 51:10  Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

New Year-New Social Media
As you may know, Social media has become an agent of the left and censors everything right.They even blocked the President and anyone who contests the election or exposes the Crimes of the Biden Family.
So now I am on Social media that protects free speech.
Rev John J Wilson     fb equivalent

Parler                          Twitter equivalent
@ptrjack Joined May 29, 2019
revjohnj           Youtube eqyivalent

I look at our musicians and choir and I have to stop and praise God for His goodness towards us. Take a moment and let me know if these people are pros. I may be prejudiced but I doubt it.


The days of Elijah

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My mother in law pased away last week. She was 82. She lived in the house we built. Well, many of you helped to build. That leaves us with a small 1 bedroom apartment to help someone with. We re-painted it and did some fixing. The house needed a refrigerator and for those who know God, someone donated a nice Panasonic refrigerator to us. Now, you know that was God. Most Churches don’t get such a donation when their Church needs one.We gave out 227 Food bags consisting of 6 1/2 pounds of rice,noodles and can goods. Thanks to another supporter.

Additionally, we keep getting boxes of goods which we share with the community along with medicines, soaps and a variety of things. Especially, the Gospel. We recently received a blood pressure monitor and everyone was testing their pressure!

We had a wonderful Christmas Cantata. Here is some of it:
PBC Annual Cantata

Our online and in house classes are doing great. We rceived another computer and our friends in Canada may have a couple more for us. We are so blessed to be able to continue the education of these childen. My Laura tutors a few childen online. She is always busy.
Linda is the business woman. She has her own jewelry making business. Here is a link: clck here

We had a new attendee get save last week and another just became a member.
Please pray for their growth and stability.

In conclusion, our heartfelt thanks to all who sent Christmas presents and to our regular supporters. God bless you all.


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