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December 2015


Christmas Miracles! Although we did not make our goal for the PBC Payatas Kids Christmas Celebration, But God met all the needs and they had a blast. Then we went caroling and did not meet the usual amount of money from that but God made that happen also. Now we wanted to have a Christmas dinner and presents for the kids yet we had absolutely no money BUT GOD in His usual timely way provided for it all. I have learned to say in all my needs BUT GOD as He is the final authority of our needs. Now we are making our first all American good old fashioned Coconut cream pie. I pray we do it all right and if not—-But God can fix even that.

Come take a look!  Click here for the Kids Celebration

Click here for the adult party   Click here for the Caroling

In everything we do, the message of the Gospel is shared with those who are perishing. What a joy to be able to be servants of the Lord.

Yes, we enjoy the frivolities and as we do, our Lord looks upon His creation. Those who serve Him with all our hearts and also celebrate. Like an earthly father who enjoys seeing his children haappy, how much more our Lord.

So as we close out this year, we want to thank those who responded to God by supporting this ministry. God did not call everyone but those He called and responded to that call, I believe were blessed this season. Thank you so much.

We look forward to many more saved, maybe a building built, children growing strong and changing the face of Payatas through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Love, Ptr Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda


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