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December 2012

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As kids we called it a “do over”.
I consider New Years as just that. It is a chance to do it over again
and get it right. do over 2Perhaps to make it better. People are so joyous as
they watch the clock go from 11:59 and 59 seconds to 12 A.M. Happy
New Year they scream, they blow horns, and shoot off fireworks. Perhaps
it is the collective frustration of all that has gone wrong the previous year, combined
with the possibilities that lie ahead.
I imagine we can
philosophize it all to death.

I do believe we can do better. I
believe we can do more and work harder to make our existence on this
planet one that is especially pleasing to God who created us.

Let’s all do our best to take advantage
of this ?do over? so that at the end of 2013 we can rejoice in
the fact that we have run our ?race? in a Godly manner.


Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth
the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.?


Looking Back

We look back, not to dwell on the past but to see if we obeyed the instructions of God in all that we did.child looking back 2

was a wonderful year for PMO and PBC. We saw many souls confess Jesus
Christ as their Lord and Saviour and be baptized. We had our VBS with
100 children and 65 go to camp. We saw our door knockers grow from
around 45-50 to 65-70 every Saturday.
We started education classes
to subsidize the poor education the children receive in over crowded
schools and it has shown in their improved grades. We have our first
sponsored college student receive a 1.5 average and we are sending three
more this year. We have seen children growing up within the Church and
moving from the youth to the adult group. We started a music program
with one guitar and now we have 13 guitars, 10 violins, 5 recorders, 1
clarinet, 1 flute, we have 9 people learning the keyboard. We have three
Ukeleles and two harmonicas. We are praying for a French Horn as we
have another man who wants to play it. The music program has been a
foundation for discipline and confidence which have made these kids and
adults unafraid to tackle life. Their devotion to Jesus Christ who is
the cause of all these successes, is great. No where in Payatas do we
see such
Godly purposeful lives.

Looking back I could add
pages and pages of things God has allowed us to accomplish. If you wish,
you can check our monthly diary at:UPDATES

Looking Ahead-  Psa 119:105   Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

We look ahead because it is obvious that we need to have a plan, we
need to have a goal. Our two Bibles studies and two Prayer meetings
along with our Sunday Service keeps us well grounded in the word. We
have heard others say line by line… but we fulfill that word by word
as we progress through the entire Bible. We are on the second time going
through. The first time took us four years and our people are some of
the most Biblically educated Christians you will meet.

Hiding the
word of God in our hearts will keep us on track to evangelize all of
Payatas. We have not met that goal yet but as God wills, we are willing
and work towards that goal every day.

We also have a goal of
educating the people so that they will be able to get good jobs and not
be subject to recycling garbage and the sickness and despair which come
with that job.

Our desire is not only to sustain but to elevate lives in the community.

pray that our band of 45 or so musicians will transform into an
orchestra and we will worship God as the Jews did in His temple with
beautiful music.

Our goal is to reach over 100 door knockers for
2013, greatly increasing the outreach that comes with that many people.
We also will continue our two by two program of bringing the Gospel to
the homes of those children who attend our Church but parents do not
come themselves. This program has already increased the population of

Our personal visitation each Saturday will continue as we reach out to selected individuals to whom God leads us to minister.

Our education department, Oh we pray, that it becomes a elementary and High School and if we dare, a Bible college.

We have high goals because we have a Great God!

Finally in the Looking forward section we pray that God will grant us the Compound we wish to build. This is a $4 million goal which we believe God can handle without a problem.


wouldn’t be Baptist if there wasn’t a plea for support. I would remind
you that we are operating on approximately $1,200 per month after being
here over six years. Yes, it is hard but others are starting to come on
board and I believe God pays his own way. It was suggested to me that I
should come back to (what I call) beg for money but I see that as a
defeat. God has kept us this far and He will finish what He has started.

than sending donations or signing up for monthly support (Which I pray
you will do), please go to our Facebook sites and like the site. Not
just an individual post but the site itself. Furthermore, as much as
possible, please “Like” and “share” anything we put out as the more it
is passed around, the more it will be seen. Ultimately, God will cause
the seeing but He does want us to work as if it depended on us and
realize that He is the one that sees it through.

Facebook sites:

PBC Church       PMO Mission        My Personal site


PBC                 PMO                   Save Payatas

Our Blog          Our New Photo site under construction

Whether you join with us or not, God will do His will but oh the joy that is experienced by those who support His work.

A Blessed and happy New Year to you and yours. A generous “Do Over” and an opportunity to get it right this year. God Bless!

Pastor Jack,Malou, Laura & Linda and the PBC Family

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