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December 2007

To all our friends and supporters,

Christmas is coming and many will be scurrying to buy presents and trees and decorations and of course the festive turkey or ham will be the main attraction at the grand feast.

Here in Payatas we wish you well in all your festivities and pray that God continues to bless you from the depth of His supplies.

Some have asked us about our needs here at Payatas as so if you are so inclined to remember us here the following is a list of things we could use.

In the month of September we received a total of $310 support. October brought $705 and November $1,035. Even these figures do not reflect all of our supporters as it was because of the generous extra contributions of one of our supporters that we had even those amounts.

With this we needed to feed and support our own family as well as take care of the expenses of running the Church.

Some would say, God will supply, to that I answer, Yes He will and He will use people to do it. The question is, will you be the one He uses?

The children ( at church ) have been sitting on the bare floor all year and we would like to get the floor covered in linoleum.

Cost: $40.00

We need to make a small door to keep the babies from running near the top of the stairs.


As Malou was returning home from a VBS training seminar, someone reached into the Jeepney and stole her cell phone right out of her hand. We need to replace it.

Cost: $50

We still need chairs. We need at least 30 small ones for the children and 30 large for the adults.

Cost: $130.00

Our Children can use some clothes as they are growing and they still have what they had in California except for some shoes that we bought.

Cost: ??

We have not had a camera since ours was stolen in California . Sometimes we are able to borrow one but many times we miss photo opportunities.

Cost: ???

We would love to put an epoxy coating on the bare floor in our sanctuary. It is a 3 day process and it comes in beautiful colors.

Cost: $140.00

Larger gifts:

Malou is still doing the laundry like your grandmother’s did. By hand and scrub board! A nice washing machine is needed.

Cost: $500

If we could find a turkey here we could not cook it because we don’t own an oven.

Cost: $500

Finally, We can use an automobile. That would reduce the chance of getting mugged for phones or whatever else the bad guys have in mind. It would help us to transport our weak and elderly to Church and it is great for moving things back and forth.

Cost: $4,000.00

This is our Christmas wish list. There are some of you out there that have been very generous. As this email goes out to a list of people, please don’t feel that we don’t appreciate what you have done. You are so appreciated.

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Jack, Sister Malou, Laura and Linda
And all at PBC

By His Grace,

Pastor Jack Wilson

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