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Come, Let us reason together

I read somewhere about old Jewish men and how they debated an issue. It would go back and forth each giving their points until they came to a conclusion.
What a novel approach to civility.
Have you ever had a discussion about two candidates running for President? You might be telling your wife the good points of your choice and she might respond with, “Well, I don’t know honey, this other guy seems to be pretty good.”
At which point you bang the table, start telling her why you hate her and how she is the stupidest person you ever seen and you are leaving and want a divorce.
Silly eh?
Yet it happens all the time on Face Book. Face Book is a place where if you are pro gun you defend that, if you bake cakes, you defend that. If you are a knitter, all your accomplishments are posted on your page. There are car enthusiasts and sports lovers right up there with animal lovers and save the spotted owl people.
In life, everyone has their opinions. In the U.S., the land of liberty, everyone has the right to hold their own opinions, proclaim them and others have a right not to listen.
Here is an example. I am not a sports person. If you are and that’s all you talk about, I might tell you that I am going to stop following you. Not block or unfriend, just unfollow. I will uncheck the follow button and I will not get your sports updates. I will tell you why. “I’m not into sports” and I will also tell you that you can contact me directly by posting on my site.
Gee, that sounds so easy. So intelligent.
So why don’t others do that? I know some issues are hot but that’s life. I have seen people almost kill each other over sports. That is not too intelligent and perhaps the parties need anger management or at the least, display some discipline.
I had a couple of people just block me because I was against the senseless murder of human beings inside the womb. I said it that way because that is the way I see it. Someone else may say it is about removing tissue form an orifice. I am passionate. Maybe they are too yet I do not block them. I might unfollow them. I will assume they have no real knowledge on the subject and will refuse to learn. Maybe they do also but where is the fight? Unless I am physically restraining them from having an abortion why would they attack me for my belief?
I also believe homosexuality is a sin. It is right up there with adultery, murder, pedophilia, lying , cheating…
I don’t hate those people, I hate what they do.
However there are those who do not see it the same way so instead of unfollowing me, they attack me and block me before I can intelligently respond.
Some people have been with me for some time.
Let us reason, together.
These are the same people who claim everyone else should be tolerant unless it pertains to them.
Now I have a system of belief. I believe in the one true God of the King James Bible.
Quite frankly, most sins don’t bother me and normally I would have no opinion had I not believed in God.
God wrote a book. The same God who created life and planets and so on, moved men’s hands to write the Bible.
That is my standard and that is my absolute.
Those who argue with me do not believe in the same God that I do. They don’t believe in the Bible or that God is concerned with the affairs of men. They have their own morals. Getting drunk and cursing is fine. Many that I know have those morals. Cheating on your spouse, abortion, lying for the “right” reason. Lying on your income tax (it’s only the Government—ooops-we the people)
There are some very nice people that have their own morals and sometimes they work out until they back the wrong horse. MY grandparents would die if a family member would “shack up”. My parents eventually went from also believing it was wrong to saying, well, after all, it’s the 20th century (Before 2000)
What does time have to do with it? If you base your morality on a consensus then you are not going to be in the ark when the flood comes.
So, as you can see, my morality comes from the unchanging God who has been known by so many for over 6000 years.
Those who do not believe in the Bible of in God have no moral compass. Is it whatever they say it is which makes me more confused because if they can have their own morals why can’t I?
So, I invite you to debate me, or unfollow me with a reason attached. Don’t stop being my friend because you like green and I like purple.
Hopefully, one day we will reason together.

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