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It is totally incredible to me but it seems there are many Churches that close their doors on Christmas day if Christmas falls on a Sunday.

Church sign "Closed Christmas"

Not a Family Church

Payatas Baptist Church and Ministries, Inc. will be OPEN on Dec 25th the day we have chosen to celebrate Jesus Christ coming to this world to save us.

I believe statistics will probably show that it is mainly very large and Mega Churches who will close and I believe I know the reason.
Many large churches (certainly not all) have become like the movie houses of old, entertaining people and thus fulfilling the self imposed requirements of some that they attend some kind of ritualistic religious service on Sunday.

These are not the same type of people who go to small , solid Churches which preach that Church, our lives and all that we do, is not about us but revolves around Jesus.

These are Christians who have a relationship with the Saviour. They love Him and love to worship Him. These would no more miss a Christmas service then the birth of their own child as we recognize Jesus as God and God as the head of our family.

In the small, Bible believing Church, our people consider each other family. We watch out for each others children. We help each other when needed. We are there for each others weddings, birthdays, various celebrations as well as deaths. So when the Sunday is a Christmas service we are even more happy.  We are happy to spend some more time with each other in the house where we worship our Father God.

Large Churches that have not been able to keep a close attachment to each other have lost that greatness about their being together. It has become more of a ritual, a satisfying of a requirement rather that a joy and celebration of the family together.

Some large Churches have elders and deacons and have had each one oversee a group of members to keep the relationship strong. Just like perhaps in a family we have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and we all enjoy our lives separately until certain times of the year we come together and enjoy as a unit. This is how a large Church needs to function and many do it well.

At the mega Church, (many) lose the love, the closeness and become a commercial message rather than a family get together.

This Sunday when you go to Church, say hello to that person who you don’t know. Especially if they are new to Church. Let them know that your Church is a family Church and the doors are always open to new members.

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