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August Update 2022


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 “School Bells Ring and Children Sing it’s back to Robert Hall again”!

 Do you remember that commercial? It meant we were going to get our   school clothes that year. Moms used to sing that to us to kid us that   she was finally going to get some rest!
Here in the Philippines Moms don’t sing so much because it sometimes   is impossible to get school supplies for their kids. Many thanks to     our generous suporters who made it possible for over 40 students       to get supplies. They send their thanks.
          Our 20 Year Plan1 5
16 years ago we made a 20 year plan where we would raise children in the Lord while also educating them. Our plan was to bring them from K-College graduates. Good Colleges where they can make their God given dreams. Once graduated they would obtain good, in demand jobs and would be able to support others who were coming up.
I am pleased to say we now have 7 enrolled in College. Two are living in our church Apartment with free rent, electric and water. They will pay no rent untill they graduate and possibly turn the Apartment to others coming up.
My Linda just was awarded P1,000 and a Kenny Rogers meal as she achieved a 95+ average across the board. For years she has determined to become a chef. She is in the Senior year and then wants to attend the Culinary institute. It costs about $2000 for the course so if you are inclined, send your donations to the Chef Linda fund.
Laura in now attending U.P. as a 3rd year Music student
The Government just opened in person classes. I am not happy about the kids wearing masks all day. I hope that will end soon.

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Many Thanks to all our Supporters for making this a successful ministry


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