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August Update 2017


Mat_21:14 ” And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them”

PBC rejoices when those we share the Gospel with come to know Jesus as Saviour. We have seen it over and over again but what we have not yet seen is the lame walking.

After two years of back and forth to the hospitals and clinics and 1 3Government agencies, One of our people, Carlito “Lito” Balutol, is finally scheduled for operations on his knees so he will be able to walk again. Praise God!

The operation cost about P134,000 and thankfully the Government will pick up the tab, all except p20,000 ($400) which we have to pay ourselves. We received $25 so far. Please pray we will get the rest by this Wednesday. Hopefully, we will be able to post a video of him walking again!

School Days!

┬áLaur1a and Linda are deep into their studies now and doing well. Many thanks to all who helped us get there. Also, our Church kids are all do2ing great in school. We teach them at Church also so they will have an advantage when they get to school. We teach them, Math, English, Reading, Music notes, Instruments…
We especially teach them the Word of God and they are well disciplined in all.
Feeding Program-How can we tell our feeding program is doing well? The childr

en have all filled out with a bit of weight! The neighbor of one of our mothers said, “Wow, your chilren are getting chubby now.” She said, “I have a store and it’s still not enough.” The mother said, ” because we go to PBC. We learn so much from the Word of God and they feed us every day. The Church is a blessing to us.”Music is the sound of life.1 2

Oh how the Jews loved to celebrate with all kinds of instruments. We have new children who started to learn violin, recorders and guitars. I pray one day for an orchestra. Glory to God.

We have a new supporter from Florida and they are sending boxes of things that we all need. What a blessing! Additionally, they are putting us on their television ministry which covers eight states. Perhaps some one will see our story and help us build a place of our own.

We are getting close to our 11th Anniversary on the first Sunday in November.

God bless all of you who love this ministry with us.

Ptr Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda


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