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August 2011


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It feels good to be missed


A wedding shower for Sister Kris


Some of our little ones singing


Hanging out after Church

I want to extend my thanks to those of you who cared so much as to help me get to New York for my Pop.

I also want to thank all of you who stuck with me by
praying for my Pop. Just knowing you were with me, helped me get through
this.Your emails and F.B. messages meant so much to me and my family.

Many missionaries have good financial backing and things
like furloughs, vacations and medical treatment are not a concern.

We don’t have such luxuries, From the time we started
this ministry God has worked through our wonderful friends whether it be
a handful of churches or individuals, He has always supplied our needs
through you.

I pray that each and
everyone of you will receive blessings beyond your count for the
generosity and love you have shown to me and my family.

God Bless!

Just like Macarthur, I have returned!

Last month I received word that my Pop had fallen down
his stairs and was in the hospital with severe brain trauma. I was told
not to have high hopes as he probably would not recover. My response was
that he could not die unless it was God’s will.

Some time passed and I was told he woke, responded by
raising two fingers when asked and helped position himself in bed with
the aid of a nurse.

Many good
friends raised the funds for my trip and so I went to New York for a
month. every day I was at the hospital.Little by little he was
improving. By the time I left he was able to sit up in a wheel chair and
they even had him standing a bit.

He is still plagued by his congestive heart and pulminary troubles and
so I will ask you not to forget my Pop and pray for his full and
complete recovery.

The Church is Strong!

I was so proud to know that the men in the Church stepped
up to the plate and took over. They preached, taught and handled the
administrative duties without a problem when I was away.



The ladies in our Church have opened their homes to the
children. They are teaching Math, English and Computer science. The
children are doing much better in school because of the teaching.
Here in the Philippines, if the student has at least an 80% average, they will get a free scholarship to college.
Malou is still teaching English language among other subjects.
One of our college bound students wants to be an
accountant so she is being mentored by our own member who is an
accountant. She is learning on the Church books.


We also have two members who are teaching seven of our
children guitar. I proposed that the Church would buy any one of them a
guitar if they could show improvment by playing some songs. Last Sunday
we proudly gave two students each a guitar.
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We hope to give more soon.

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Linda and Laura are also learning their instruments and
now Malou is also learning the flute. Hmmm, I’m thinking a cello for
me??? Nah!
Anyway, perhaps next year we can have our own in house orchestra.

By teaching the children they are encouraged to stay in
church and to learn the word of God. Music also helps them to focus more
on their studies (a recent report showed)

Our Battles for Justice Continues

the assistance of our Congressman Castelo, we hopefully will have our
problem of being overcharged (and discrimination against us because we
are a Church) soon ended.


We receive a letter from President Aquino which gave
instruction for the Mayors office to assist in the corruption complaint
against the Barangay hall.

The Church continues to grow stronger and in population.
Our members are strong in Spirit.

Please pray for our upcoming 5th Anniversary which will be held the fist Sunday in November.
If you would like to donate for a Lechon or anything for the Anniversary, we would appreciate it.

God Bless,
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura, Linda

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