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April 2018 Update

Showers of Blessings
What do you consider Showers of blessings?

Many people think a new car, house or trip to Europe would be showers of blessings, I would suggest everything that drops from the hand God would be those blessings.

Have you ever watched someone climb the ladder of success?

I just watched the God father front to back and in it the young son, Michael, who had dreams of being married and raising children, becomes involved with his gangster family when his father is shot.

He keeps saying how the whole family will be legitimate in 5 years but 5 went to 7 and so on.

He got richer and more powerful and watched as family was killed and his life was miserable.
What were the best times in your life? Sitting at a big table with your family, eating and laughing and enjoying each other. Perhaps you have a small house and an old car yet your family means so much and Church is high on your list.

Think about your choices and choose the Godly path.

Vacation Bible School

One thing I can say about our VBS is that it is better every year. My wife said we had the best cook staff ever that the last ones did their work but wanted to rush home in years past. Well, these workers were put as teachers and they were happier than pigs in mud! Those in the kitchen laughed and enjoyed the work.
Oh yeah! The kids had a great time too. They all heard the Gospel daily and we added more kids to the Church.
Two of the men bought out an ice cream cart and treated everyone to ice cream.
Our friends in Florida had sent so maany boxes that we were able to use some ot the contents as gifts and prizes.

Many thanks to our Friends the Rogers who visited us and delivered some school books that we needed. It was good to be able to talk and fellowship with them.

Church is not only one thing.When you are in a real Church it deals with mind, body and soul.

We have a p1000 incentive to whoever loses the most weight in two months. This has encouraged many to get healthy. Pray for them. I know it’s hard.

Well, I am off to the cardio doctor to get a clearance for my cataract surgery. Please pray that I get the $300 needed.

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