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April 2016

Dear Friends of the Payatas Kids and Mission,

As I sit here writing, we have just had a torrential down pour of rain. Here in the Philippines it shakes the trees and the wind blows so hard that you need to close the windows or drown. Ha!

It makes me think of God and His mighty power to shake the world and I am sure we are getting close to that time.

This month God did  that in our lives.

We had VBS and everyone said it was the best one ever. We had many children who have returned to the Church to worship with us. This year, we decided not to go for training or to buy a VBS kit. This was our 9th VBS and we have saved every kit for each of those years plus, our people are so well trained already so there was no need. That also reduced the money we needed and so we saved a bunch. It cost us only $200 for decorations, food and prizes and we quickly received that from two good supporters of this ministry.

We had face painting, Skits, Puppet shows and Jesus was introduced at each one. Children are learning about Jesus! Pray they will be saved.

My computer broke down. It was a wonderful computer and it lasted 6 years which is great in itself but it just ran out of steam. Through the grace of our supporters coming to our aid, I was able to get a new computer for myself. We had some money left over so I was able to restore the original computer so it is a great help for Sister Malou as she does much work on it. (She doesn't bother me anymore. 🙂

She had a tiny one which we gave to the kids. Now everyone is happy!

Two Baptisms coming up. Two of our young ladies want to be baptized so this Sunday we will be doing just that. We always have at least two people question the young ones so that we are convinced that they are aware of what they are doing and what Baptism means.

We also have Pastor Bob Sharpe coming to bring the word that day. Pastor Bob is also a writer and a radio personality and he has volunteered to help our Organization record a professional video so we can try to advertise for funding to build the Compound.

Laura and Linda will begin 10th and 6th grades respectively and God has seen fit to supply us with the money to pay for the school and ship the materials. Please pray that we don't have to fight with customs again this year. It is so hard to believe that in two more years, Laura will go to college and Linda was in a basket on the plane when we came here and in two years will graduate elementery level. Thank you Lord for increasing their knowledge and talents.

Our friends in Canada – One Church sent money so that we could give bags of food out to 20 needy recipients. The other Church sent a box of used clothes. What blessings to our people. Many thanks to all who think and pray for us as well as give to our needs.

Our building fund is growing, slowly but surely. We just got another p4,800 added.
We have many ways to give but for the building fund we are using two organizations. Go Fund ME
and, Give Send Go a Christian Organization:

The first one is for a small piece of land. The second one is for a compound. It is also a fleece to see which one God will give us first.

We Got rid of our song books. After 9 years we were able to buy a projector and so all our torn and falling apart song books are history. What a pleasure to be able to sing hands free!

We also have upgraded our websites. We have already upgraded Payatas Baptist so that it is cell phone compatible. We just finished doing the same to Payatas Mission and it should be up in a couple of days.

We thank God first for His love for us and for all of you who have us in your heart. We pray that you will be strong in the Lord and be blessed.

Love, Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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