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April 2014

It’s Planting Season

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The feeling of taking a tiny seed, putting it into the ground, and
caring for it, is wonderful as you watch it sprout and bloom.

How much greater a feeling to put your heart and soul into
planting seeds for the kingdom, watching people coming to the Lord,
joining the church and growing to repeat the process.

There is nothing at all like it.


How about you? How much time do you dedicate to tell others about what Jesus did for all of us?

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Regular Monthly Giving

If you have been following this ministry and have wanted to do
something to help but felt you did not have enough money to do it
justice. You do not need a lot to give.
Go here to:donate-icon 2

Scroll down the page. You can sign up for as little as $5 per
month or as much as you are able. We understand you may be giving to
others and you might want to give but you are limited. You have the
opportunity to give as you are able.


Although we received a short
reprieve on having to leave our building, we are still in dire need of
increasing our space. Once we fill up the building we can’t fit more in
and there is so many to reach.
Please continue to pray for the PBC Compound a vision that only God can fulfill.


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For all of you who have endured a hard winter, it’s time to go out and start planting!

The Bible tells us in  Ecc_3:2, that there is a time for planting.
God gives each one of us that opportunity and privledge.

Over here we have started day 1 of our six days at VBS.

Please click here: for
photos. You can go back each day for a week to see the new additions.
They will be added to our photo site later but for now, they are in F.B.



Rough Winter

Although we don’t get snow (I wish) we had a rough winter also.

We got a “Dear John” letter three months after one of our churches
cut  off our support.  I don’t know why people insist on cutting off
those on a very low budget and keep those who are doing well but all I
have to say is God is in control.
Going from $1200 per month to $1100 a month is just one more test of our endurance. Sometimes you just want to say, “It’s enough now Lord”   but
after you realize that nothing that happens goes unseen by God so we
commit ourselves to trust him more nearly as the song says, and keep on
going. God will make a way where there seems to be no way and in the
end, He, will get the glory.



TO All Our Prayer And Financial Supporters

Thank you so much for being a part
of this Organization. Please know that God has used you to make it all
possible and we appreciate you

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                   It’s fun to see      
                    things grow!

As hard as winter can be, we always
have a beautiful spring. We have had the pleasure of the last eight
years to plant, cultivate and reap a harvest of men and women , boys and
girls who have committed their lives to Christ , were baptized and are

the salary of the Pastor is joy. I feel guilty that I am so over paid!

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Sometimes God might put it on someone’s heart to give a one time gift. If that is the case, go here:

donate-icon 2

Scrollng to the Bottom of the page and click on one time gift. You
can pay with your bank card. There is also information for sending
checks, money orders.
If you would like to make a direct deposit into BOA,  or China Bank drop us a line.

Pray For The Kids
Please pray for the kids of Payatas.
They face peer pressure as well as financial and other problems at
home. Pray that they will stay strong in Christ and grow to be good men
and women of God.

Laura and Linda’s School Supplies

After being able to pay for the kids
supplies and scraping up the money to have them shipped, we have been
waiting for over a month for Customs to release the box. It seems now
they want to see if we are tax exempt (by their standards) and if not,
they want to charge us duty on the box. Please pray that God will move
them in the right direction so the kids can resume their studies.


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