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April 2013


Thanks For the Support!

Linda and Laura are back doing school work and enjoying it too!

Linda said to Malou, “Mommy, why is math so easy now?”

My wife told her it was because she worked with Linda using flash cards. Linda is a cracker jack at math now.

Malou uses the flash card and speed answering techniques at Church also and all the children have improved grades.

My New Song

One day I sat down and God let me write a song. I call it “Tribulation”
I thought it was pretty good but when our member, Sister Beverly sings it, it transforms to wonderful!
We are working on the video now. I hope it to be done by the end of the week

Livelihood Program

Our Livelihood program is continuing. We will soon put out our links to buy jewelry, bags, and accessories as well as our new:

Pinoy Toys

which include vintage (1945) Teddy Bears made from old patterns my Grandmother had.
We have some really nice collectible bears.
We will introduce them soon for Christmas.

The People in Payatas need your Prayers

The government is tearing down
some of the homes where  the squatters live. these people have worked
hard enabling the Governments waste management program with no pay from
the Government.
Now the Mayor wants to build some homes. He says they are for
the poor but the poor are the ones being evicted. Once the homes are
built they are priced for middle class incomes. The poor could not
afford them.
Many of our children come from these homes. Please pray the Government stops hurting the poor people here.


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God Always Provides

I was reading in the
Bible: 1 Kings 18:44  And it came to pass at the seventh time that he
said, behold there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s

It is a very exciting scripture with promise. Elijah had
King Ahab hating him. He was on top of the hill and sent his servant to
look for rain. The servant came back and said there was no sign. He
sent him back seven times and finally the servant said he saw a little

Elijah was waiting for rain that would take many big
clouds to refill all the lakes and streams that were dry from the
drought however, when he heard about the little cloud he knew, the time
was coming for it to replenish the land with water.

Some times we see a little movement and think, that will
never do but God wants you to see how He will fix your needs. He wants
you to have faith.

The 2013 Camp Experience

We were at a standstill
raising support for the children’s camp. Then we got a small donation
and I got excited. I could see how easily God could supply our needs. We
went to the last day with no more donations and then they came. We
raised the rest of the money on the last day. Praise God.

Thanks for all of you that heard God speak  and you answered by praying and/or financially supporting the kids!

Take a look to see: CAMP

Vacation Bible School

VBS, also went off without
a hitch. We also was dangling unto the last moment that funds were
provided for crafts and food for the kids.

The children look forward to VBS every year and it helps to make them stronger with their walk with Christ.

Click here to see those Photos:VBS
The Church continues to Grow!

A result of VBS and Camp in Laguna is that we now have about Twenty new children coming to Church.

We also have five new adults!

Please continue to pray with us that God will finance the PBC Compound  for which we have been praying.
So that we can realize our goal of a  large Church
facility, school , a medical clinic, and a covered court to reach out
every weekend to the people of Payatas.
The total cost is about $5 million dollars which God will have no problem providing.

Spring brings New Growth

With the increase in
attendance comes more children who wish to learn to play instruments. We
have a wonderful mentoring program. Now, whoever wishes to learn goes
first to those who teach reading notes. After learning to read notes
they learn how to play those notes. Once they learn to play two songs,
they are given an instrument to play. It doesn’t become officially
theirs until they show that they are faithful attendees and faithful in
their practice.
They really do well here.

Will You Help?

Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc. & Payatas Baptist Church depends on the mercy of others to keep going.
One of the ways you can help is by becoming a regular supporter.
By clicking the link you can scroll to whichever amount
you would like to give each month. Whether $5 or $1000 it will
automatically be sent to PMO each and every month. Your U.S. gifts are
tax deductible.



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