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April 2010

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Hello Everyone,
It’s Springtime-Let’s start fresh
My daughter asked me the other day, “If April showers bring
May flowers than what do May flowers bring?” The Answer: Pilgrims
Missionaries have much in common with the Pilgrims as we
have come to a foreign land to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those
who do not know Him. We bring it not just with words but with love and
truth and meaning. When we see the hurting we try to stop it and to help
them find the way to make their lives more fruitful.
People need to see that we “ain’t just talkin’ ” but we are
doing the “walking” also. We try to be who we say we are. This spring
let us start fresh by asking God to renew us again. “Lam 5:21  Turn thou
us unto thee, O LORD, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of
We Moved!

We were able to find a new house and we moved in this past
Saturday. Click here to see the photos of our new place.
We are so relieved to find a nice place in which to retreat
following our days working in Payatas which is filled with pollution. I
pray someday that all in Payatas will also see a new place, that is not
filled with pollution, crime and poverty.


(Unless we can raise the $1,600 we need to send 75 kids)
I have many excuses including my family just moved but the
bottom line is, I should have done my job and tried to raise money
earlier for the camp for the Payatas children.
Now I will ask for your help once again. Last year many of
you gave and because of it 75 people were filled with joy for a week.
Learning, eating, games, contests, swimming, even sleeping in beds. YOU
did that. It is only by the generosity of others that these kids were
able to go and it is the same way this year. Some gave much and some
gave little but everyone gave according to their ability and that is
wonderful. Now I will ask for your help again and I need it yesterday
(but today will be fine)
Please click
here to pay by PayPal
(you do not have to belong to paypal to send a
donation. Click the link and scroll to the very bottom where it says
one time donation. If you want to give ongoing support you may choose
from a list of amounts on the same page. If you wish to mail a check you will find our
address on the same page.
If you wish to directly deposit the donation:
In the U.S. BANK OF AMERICA  Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc.
In the Philippines:China Bank Payatas QC Baptist Church
& Ministires Inc. China Bank ermita acct # 132 080541-8
You can also pay by the Network For Good in Facebook. We
prefer you don’t because  the problem with them is they can take almost
two months to send us the money and we need it right away. Of course, if
you feel comfortable using them, we understand.
Click here to see what some of you did last year and that
some of you can do this year: CAMP
Please don’t think $5 is too little and by all means,
nothing is too much. Some can give much and some can give little but the
children will be blessed as it all adds up together. Please do not say
“I will do it later” Later never comes. Please click here now:click
here to pay by PayPal
Please don’t say, “they will get help without me” If one of
those who helped last year did not give we would have been short. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.

Camp is April 26 to 30 so
we need your gifts so we can reserve the camp. Please give now.
We are also raising funds for our Vacation Bible School
where every year we teach the Children Biblical truths. They also have
Arts and Crafts, games, a puppet show,… a week of activities complete
with a meal every day culminating with graduation festivities on
Saturday. VBS is from
April 12 to 17.
This year we were able to get the entire program
free which leaves us a need only for Arts and crafts supplies and
feeding the children.
The entire cost is $351.58. Please click the link to donate
for this program:click
here to pay by PayPal


–  We have been meeting the needs of so many people who can not afford
even the carfare to go to the doctor let alone the price of the doctor.
Our free medical examination helps those who might never see a doctor
and detect early problems that could be fatal. We share the Gospel with
everyone who comes and the patients are telling other people who they
themselves are becoming patients. Truly, this is an example of how
donating to this mission is helping many, many people. THIS IS YOUR
  It is because of YOU, this is able to be done.


NEW MEMBERSWe will be extending the right hand of fellowship to 7 new adult
members. We welcome you all to PBC.

Our Church continues to grow and we are
continuing in prayer that God will open the windows of Heaven and cause
us to have a larger place in which to worship. Please pray with us
towards that goal.

Pray also for the 220,000 people in Payatas
that we are trying to reach for the Gospel of Christ.


TO OUR SUPPORTERS: There are those of you out there that only
receive paper support letters by mail. It is far easier to send these
electronic messages. We are able to send them every month (as opposed to
once every three months) and also, we are able to send special
announcements when needed. If you would like to be on our email list, go
to:  and scroll down to the
yellow box where you can sign up for News and Updates.

Of course there are those who do not use email
and we will continue to send out the paper copy. We want you all to know
that you are very dear to us. You who have cared about this ministry to
offer your prayers, your finances and your words of encouragement. We
thank you and pray that God will bless you in ways that you can not


God Bless,

Pastor Jack & Malou Wilson

& Laura & Linda too!








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