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April 2008

April Showers bring May flowers?

Everything is backwards here; we get our rain in June. Then it will flood! Right now I just finished my Sunday morning service and it is 97.3 degrees in front of the fans. It doesn�t feel that bad though. In California the dry heat was very uncomfortable. Sweating is good for the soul!

Through the generosity of one of our supporters, our children are once again going to camp in Laguna.

We were able to take 15 children and Malou will go as a Chaperone for the girls and Brother Mike as a chaperone for the boys. It is so difficult to decide which child will go and which child will stay. Of course we would send them all if we were able but God has given us what He has given.

The harder part is it costs 5000 pesos for transportation which seriously cuts into operating costs.

Please pray for our upcoming VBS. We are so excited. Last year was such a success and we hope this year to be even better! Pray that the new children will continue in coming out to Church even after VBS is over.

The other day Linda (my two year old started singing to me, �Thy word�, What a thrill to hear this little one so seriously sing God�s praises.

Laura is such a good little helper around the house. She is going into the third grade already. Pray that we can receive her schoolbooks soon so that she can continue her education.

We had a great Resurrection Sunday but even better was our good Friday service. We shared scripture and the Church spent time together in prayer. Btw, all of you were included in our prayers.

The waiting shed that we have been trying to talk the government into supplying for us will be signed for by Mayor Belmonte (we are told) on April 15th as he is out of the Country. We certainly appreciate his help in making that happen for us.

We have been faithfully door knocking and the last three times we ran into the Jehovah�s Witnesses. They have no answer when we present the scripture to them and they like to leave the area fast when we show up. We pray that they will get saved and become faithful witnesses for the one true God.

We have received more Bibles and study materials and we are waiting on tracts. We need thousands of tracts as we continue to flood the area with the written word.

We just started (last month) having pot luck after the service on the first of the month. It is so nice to eat together as a real family of God.

The members of our Church are starting to prosper as they have been following the Lord. They have been getting good jobs, and are generally healthy and happy. This is a place where there is no work but for God�s people, it is no hard thing for God to do.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church And Ministries,Inc

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