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April 2007

March & April must be the month of blessings because God has been so good to us.

In my Church at sunday service we have testimonies every week. I tell them to come up and tell us the wonderful things God has done in their lives as they continue to serve him. Every week we get a bunch of great testimonies. I also tell them to come up and tell us the trouble they are having for not faithfully following the Lord so we can all fear doing wrong! No one will admit to it!     Now of course, not all trouble is because of our failure, but I believe that inside our hearts, we know when it is a test or just our fault!

Okay so we prayed for a motorcycle so that I can visit my church members in the nooks and crannies where they live and one of our good friends and supporters said to me. “As soon as my income tax refund comes in I will help you get the bike”. Well, the check came in and by help he meant sending me $1000 which covered the entire cost of a Honda 100cc Bravo and a helmet!

I remember patiently (or not so) waiting for my tax checks so I could catch up on a bill or buy something I really needed, yet this man, (who is not rich) decided to give it to the Lord. He is certainly an inspiration to me.

We needed a bookcase and another good friend and supporter had one made for us! He is another faithful partner with us.

Another generous donor has paid for 20 Tagalog Bibles to be shipped to our Church. We were really in need of Tagalog Bibles.

One of our Churches has begun to collect used clothing. They will do that for three months and then ship them for us to distribute. If anyone would like to join in this worthy endeavor, please, feel free! How wonderful to clothe those who really need it.

All the kitchen ware, refrigerator, stove, gas tank will be coming this week as my mother in law moved to the U.S. and gave it to us. My office now has the carpet and the wall finished. There is some more to do but God will provide.

My sis-in-law bought a lot of incidentals for the house including a new refrigerator and she gave my wife a new cell phone. Malou’s number is: (63) 928-604-3007. My sis-in-law also gave a lot of used clothes which we were able to distribute to our Church. On top of all that, she treated me to a Sushi dinner! She also rented a bus and took 70 people to Subic bay and I have to tell you about the miracle that happened to me there.

I jumped in the water and was swimming around. I was out about two hundred feet when I realized my glasses had come off. All around me was water. There was no way I was to find them. As I was heading back to the shore I said to God, “You know I’ll never find these glasses without your grace” and as I said grace, I looked down and they were right at my feet! God even cares about the little things that are important to us! Praise Him!

The Church is growing, people are being saved, more and more door knockers are coming out!

Please pray for us as April 9th we are showing a movie about the life of Jesus – His birth, sufferings, ministry, death and ressurection. We are holding it in a covered basketball court which will seat about 1000+. Pray that we have plenty of counsellors and that ALL will come to repentence! Yes, we aim high because our Lord is without boundry.

Also, this ressurection Sunday will be our first communion. May 8th will be membership Sunday where we will officially admit saved, baptized people into the membership. We will also be baptizing that day so pray I can find a plastic tank or I’ll have to use a cheap swimming pool.

Linda is past walking and almost running. Laura started her A.C.E. studies with mama. I am feeling terrific! Malou is such a blessing as she is such a supportive partner in all our work. (And she’s cute too!)

We pray for all of you that your borders will increase, that your joy will be full and that peace will reign in your lives as you are faithful to Him.

God bless you all and thanks for being our very good friends in Christ!

Pastor Jack Wilson

Pray- I saw a brand new piano for 35000 pesos =$700 We also need funds to build the dirty kitchen and cover the floors.

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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