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ABORTION- Not to Worry

ABORTION- Not to Worry

What a title. Abortion-not to worry? Is it going to finally be stopped? Is the killing over?

Absolutely not and according to what I see around me, it will only get worse.

Today, I was blocked on Face Book by an irate young lady. This is what happened. There was a statement made about abortion and it came on my Face book account. Although not directed to me, none the less, it came across my path and in my face and how could I ignore it? That would be like if you were standing in front of your house and a big guy started beating a really little guy. Could you turn your head?

Yes, I know, many could and would however that is not like me.

DISCLAIMER: This post is about Christian reactions and is not intended for non-Christians. If you find yourself not on the same page, recheck your Christianity.

SO, I jump into it. This other young lady was defending abortion so I simply asked her if she ever watched a video of the baby (non-believers call them fetus’) writhing in pain and anguish as it’s limbs are torn from it’s defenseless little body and the head is ripped off. I also asked if she ever read anything by Christians that were Doctors and Scientists explaining when life began. An interesting aside: A piece came across Face Book the other day stating if scientists found a living cell on another planet the Newspapers and everyone else would declare, LIFE FOUND ON ANOTHER PLANET. The question was after that, then why doesn’t the liberal community recognize a child in the womb as a human life?

So this went on. Her defense at first was that she believed what she believed and don’t give her the Bible and that’s that. Kind of like a child stamping their feet and yelling at the parent that they are not going to go to bed.

After those couple of statements by me, which by the way, she of course didn’t (or couldn’t) answer, she then took a more scientific approach. “I believe it is not a life” of course once again there was no data , no scientific data forthcoming.

I was forceful, aggressive and if this was a professional debate it would have been ruled that I won and that I acted properly.

However, when you make someone look stupid… Strike that, when someone looks stupid because they are trying to defend what they believe without anything to back them up, their friends will feel sorry for them. It’s a natural phenomenon.

This brings me back to the girl who blocked me. I will give this to her credit. She made one statement that she did not believe in abortion. After a few more back and forth the conversation was deleted by the girl who blocked me.

She pm’d me and said that I was not presenting it in a Christian way. Hmmmm? You know, if you are a man of God or have any bit of a conscience that will make you think. Immediately I pray, I put it to Scripture and I come up with the conclusion, you are so wrong young lady.

So the question is, why would this young lady who says she is a Christian, go against me because I was supposedly too hard on her friend?

Let’s reiterate. I never said a bad word or called her a name. As a matter of fact I made it clear that I was not mad at her nor did I dislike her I just have issue with that one belief of hers. Her response was to tell me it did not matter if I liked her or not.

Her friend called me illiterate but it didn’t hurt my feelings because I knew their level of thinking would not allow them to think properly and also, if she knew what illiterate meant and knew me she would be forced to retract the untrue statement.

But the Christian girl, WHY would she not stick up for the unborn?

I have my theories so here goes:

Number 1- The Bible says you will know them by their fruit- Her entire family are Christians and if you go to their website it is obvious their relationship to the Saviour. On hers, only one generic term, Baptist. That’s it. No conversation, no likes , no nothing. According to what I see and hear, there is nothing that suggests that she really even is a Christian other than she told me she was.

So, the first reason CHRISTIANS do not fight against the evil abortionists is because they do not have a close relationship with the Saviour. Many times their lack of relationship will show up in their earthly problems they seem to always encounter. (God’s way of drawing them back)

Number 2 – Those with no real relationship have no real zeal for the things of God and actually lean more towards the people in this world and the things thereof. A simple fact, if someone went on Face Book saying how they wanted to have an intimate relationship with a 9 year old child most would be repulsed immediately. They might call the cops. They would certainly block that person. If a person got on the Internet yelling they hated Muslims or Jews the entire Face Book would be in an uproar. If there was a video of someone drowning a bag of kittens, a tirade would be unleashed and the ASPCA called in to investigate and to bring charges.

Yet, I am told by this “Christian” that I am rude. Is it rude to kill babies? To burn them with Saline solution or to rip them apart with forceps?

If we go through the Bible and look at Isaiah and Jeremiah and Jonah and Elijah and Peter and John the Baptist and Jesus who all according to this “Christian’s” standards must also have been rude calling
sin , sin and condemning it where they saw it.

Number 3- There are “Christians” that prefer favor with the world rather then with the people of God or even God Himself.
Today I see “Christians” swigging down liquor in bars with a pile of bottles around them. Certainly not in keeping at least with keeping from the appearance of all evil.

The things of the world are dear to them. They sit on the fence harboring in one hand salvation and in the other sin . They will not survive that lifestyle as God is not mocked.

Another Disclaimer: You are not a Christian just by declaring yourself one. There are many cults or even legitimate denominations that have people in them who claim Christianity but are far from it.

This blog as I have said from the beginning, is just for Christians. It is to make you look deep inside to see what you are protecting for good or for evil.

Your allegiance is to God and not unto man.

Here is your LAST and BIGGEST WARNING! This link is very graphic. If you are against abortion do not look at it. It will make to sick. If you are for abortion, look at it. At least see what you are standing for. CLICK HERE FOR THE SITE

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